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Are you dissatisfied with your current workouts? 

Do you lack confidence around exercise and your effectiveness in staying fit? 

Do you feel out of balance and can't seem to make the time to focus on your health?

... if so then FitCamp Workshops are for you.

The October 23-25, 2015 FitCamp Weekend was fantastic!!!

- Employee Enrichment
   A healthy and empowering topic for your next employee educational gathering. Choose from brief topics like specific

   posture and body movement to larger discussions on lifestyle fitness effectiveness and efficiency.  

- 7 week seminar

   Seven week workshop covering the N8:Fitcamp concepts regarding health and fitness. (90 minute weekly sessions)

- Weekend retreat

   The N8:Athletic FitCamp is a three-day seminar designed to empower you to the most effective, efficient fitness

   possible. Come find out how you can streamline your efforts to eat healthy, work out effectively and live a lifestyle

   that is not only a benefit to you but to everyone around you. (Friday night through Sunday noon)


Six topics covered over the three day weekend (seven week workshop), take you through your health in a systematic process:

-  White Noise            :    The distractions that interrupt and interfere with your decision making

-  Body, Mind & Soul  :    Breaking down the components of health and wellness, clarifying misperceptions

-  Energy                    :    Getting clarity on the part of your health that that keeps things running

-  Fitness Model         :    A clear model for working out effectively, efficiently and enjoyably

-  Simple Biology       :    Demystifying muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments regarding normal aches and pains

-  Wrap Up                 :    Empowering you to be stronger, healthier, have more energy, use your time more wisely and enjoy life.

Participation in the camp weekend includes:​​

- Dinner on Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday; Continental breakfast and lunch on Sunday 

- 3 day seminar (Optional light workouts/Activities)

- Small Group discussion

- T-shirt

- Workbook

​- A new Perspective