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3. Maintaining a lean racing weight:This also speaks for itself. The side affect is that you will feel more comfortable internally (GI system) as well.

Three key purposes for clean eating:

1. Healthy living:Speaks for itself. Eating a large amount of the right fruits, vegetables and lean proteins sure makes the body run smoother.

2. Maintaining a strong consistent source of energy:One of the biggest conversations around this style of eating is in regards to energy            

    systems (which are of utmost importance to endurance athletes and make life less erratic for everyone else.) The conversation comes down to many you have and how big they are.

    The cliffs notes version is this:

     - High wheat and grain diet = lower mitochondria count = big ebbs

       and flows of energy = kindling on a fire

    - Minimize/Eliminate wheat and grain carbs from diet = higher

       mitochondria count = more constant energy = log on the fire.

    Below is a series of clips from Wellness FX where they discuss the body's energy systems and how the body modifies the number of

    mitochondria to suit it's need. This was a series done for Crossfit. I think I have them in the right order but I wasn't completely clear on their

    order. Take a look and let me know what you think.