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Good fluids:

- Water

- Herbal Tea

- Coconut milk, 

Your basic guideline is to limit:

- Dairy:   inflames intestine, possible allergies, not strong Protein-to Calorie

- Legumes:  all beans including peanuts- 2x Protein-Calorie, vs. animal protein

- Wheats and Grains:   inflames intestines, limits energy production and stability, allergies

***Please keep in mind:  I am not recommending this style of eating without first understanding your current situation, including your general state of health, genetic predisposition, current state of fitness, current medications or illness. Please consult your doctor if you make any radical changes to your eating habits.       - Nate

Good cooking items:

- Extra virgin olive oil,

- Grape seed oil,

- Flax Seed oil​​

Eating Plan:

Here is a basic run down of how I eat:

- breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 3 grape tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, 1 or 2 cuties (mandarin style oranges) or orange, herbal tea

- snack: almonds, walnuts, raisins

- lunch: salad with chicken or fish, apple

- snack: almonds, walnuts, or pistachios with raisins

- dinner: salad with steak, chicken or fish

- snack: almonds, walnuts, or pistachios with raisins

  Salads: The salad should be very diverse, get creative:

       - heart of romaine or spring mix, baby spinach, tomato (cherry for simplicity), canned black olives, avocado, pear, cucumber, broccoli, carrots,

         balsamic vinaigrette. I often add walnut or almonds. I may add raisins for a less seasonal and more available source of carbohydrates.

- large carrots

- salad dressing: one that is not super high calorie, non-milk based, and something you'll like to eat (or mix olive oil with blasamic for your own)

- walnuts, almonds, pistachios

- mixed greens

- broccoli

- raisins

- boneless, skinless chicken breast (frozen or fresh)

- tilapia fillets (frozen or fresh)

- tri-tip steak (I BBQ it)

Shop list:

- eggs

- avocado

- grape and cherry tomato

- grapefruit

- oranges and cuties

- apples

- bananas

- pears

- cucumber

- baby Spinach

Nutrition Recommendations:

​​ Your Primary Needs for eating lean and clean:

- Lean meats

- Fruits

- Vegetables

- Nuts